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About Tiles R Us

Kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, natural stone tiles for conservatory or lounge, floors or walls - if it's natural stone marble, limestone, travertine, slate or quartz you seek, or premium quality porcelain including the outstanding Gani Collection - you're at the best place! Welcome to Tiles R Us Natural Stone - we are sure you will be impressed with our products, equally impressed with our prices and we hope you like the way we have organised our range and presented ourselves to you.
We are a small business with a big idea, which is; to provide first-class natural stone products combined with first-class customer service topped off by great value for money.

Tiles for sun room

What we do:
Our business model is simple; we source quality products from our supply partner – Ionic Stone, we use a reliable and established supply chain and because we operate with minimal overhead we work hard to keep our prices really low.
We had a thought that if we do this we could reach people who otherwise would not be able to afford such unique and beautiful products.
We know there are ‘cheaper’ products available on-line, we also know you cannot pay a little and get a lot, cheaper products are priced for what they are – usually poor quality.
For you Tile R Us Natural Stone Tiles offer a great opportunity to decorate your home with the same quality marble, limestone, travertine, slate, quartz and granite that used to be the preserve of exclusive homes and establishments, you won’t need to keep up with the Jones’s – you’ll be the Jones’s!

Quality - what we offer:
The best quality! the products we supply will be production fault-free and will achieve standard production quality as a minimum, we insist on:
Consistent thickness:
Also called calibration, apart from slate tiles, which have a textured surface (riven) and a machined base to ensure a flat surface (ideal for good adhesion to the floor) our tiles are carefully monitored to make sure they have regular thickness.
Shape precision:
Technically known as rectification all our tiles conform to the specified dimensions.
Colour stability:
This applies to the background colouring avoiding excessive variation; obviously natural variations occur, this is vital in maintaining the uniqueness of natural stones like travertine, slate, marble and limestone.
Quality diligence:
From quarry to delivery regular checks are made throughout the manufacturing and supply chain process.

 Floor and Wall Tiles

Our Stock Policy:
We always try and hold stock, but demand is unpredictable and we operate a 'first order in - serviced first' system so there will be occasions when an order will not be fulfilled immediately.
This is unavoidable and we are sure you understand how difficult it is to maintain all products 'in stock' at all times. Nonetheless we are recognised as one of the best suppliers at optimising stock availability, we will inform you immediately if your ordered item(s) are out of stock and will provide our best estimate of likely delivery, ultimately delivery is subject to variables outside of our control such as customs clearance.

Accent tiles - borders & mosaic's:
Complementary to the base tile range we offer a carefully selected range of border tiles and mosaic sheets, the sheets can be used as border strips by cutting the mesh backing that binds them; you cut the strips to the size that suits your design idea.
Many of our customers have used the sheets whole, fitting them like tiles to give a truly Mediterranean feel to the room - a touch of the Roman classic décor. And of course, they are all available at really affordable prices - only at Tiles R Us Natural Stone!

Adhesives and grout, everyone knows these are ESSENTIAL when installing tiles; with natural stone tiles, you will also need to seal them and if you really want to keep them looking beautiful for many years then cleaning occasionally is recommended.
We have all the products you will need to carry out these tasks AND you'll find our prices are consistent with our business model - available, affordable and just right for the job.

And finally…
The decision is yours; here we present you with an opportunity to select tiles you previously may only have dreamt of having in your home - just compare our prices with those you see in your local tile store.
Whether your desire is to have traditional slates or stylish marbles, you'll find them at Tiles R Us Natural Stone at affordable prices; if you long for luxurious limestone and travertine's, complemented by carefully selected accent borders and mosaic's - we have them ready for you.
Thank you for visiting our site - we hope you found something useful here; if you didn't buy from us this time let us know why (see our contact us section) we may not be able to accommodate every suggestion or request, but we value all feedback.

Joseph Odell
Some important guy. (Though not as important as our customers)


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