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Cleaning, Sealing, Grouting and Maintenance

Tiling maintenance advice


After fixing and before sealing & grouting you should clean natural stone tiles, our Tiling Essentials range has been carefully selected to provide exactly the right products to complement your natural stone decor. 


This should be done in two phases, once when the tiles are fixed PRIOR TO GROUTING; and then once again AFTER GROUTING. We recommend one of our LTP Sealer and Stain Stop Products always take care not to soak the side of the tiles  otherwise adhesion of the grout may be impaired.


The application technique should fill the joints adequately with grout so that long term performance is accomplished. With deep narrow joints between natural stone tiles the grouting technique may have to consist of at least two applications to progressively fill up the joints. This is because the initial application of grout may sink down into any voids at the bottom of the joints as the trapped air slowly escapes. Stones with textured surfaces such as antique stone tend to have larger joint widths of 6-10 mm, whilst honed and polished stone joints can be narrower to suit the individuals requirements or to fit with the aesthetics of the environment.

Check out our TILING ESSENTIALS range including tile sealer, tile cleaner, tile adhesive and tile grout; we only supply the right products for natural stone tiles.

Cement-based grouts are most appropriate for stone jointing

Although certain types and sources of natural stone do have particular properties which need to be catered for in terms of adhesive and grout selection, it is important to bear in mind that the vast majority of quality natural stones do not give rise to problems. However, the use of correct fixing techniques utilising rapid drying adhesives will satisfy most situations and cater for natural variations.

Final Cleaning

To finish your natural stone project properly and ensure the natural stone textures and characteristics are at their best give the tiles a final wash with one of our cleaning and washing products.


To make sure your natural stone tiles stay beautiful for their lifetime we have cleaning and maintenance products. 

Check out our TILING ESSENTIALS range including tile sealer, tile cleaner, tile adhesive and tile grout; we only supply carefully selected Tiling Essentials for natural stone tiles.

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