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About Our Underfloor Heating

Tiles R Us - Ionic Stone - Varme Underfloor Heating: A great combination here for you

Underfloor heating is as old as the Romans, they realised that it was an efficient and effective form of heating, and as they didn't have any socks they knew they had to have something to keep their feet warm - if your feet are warm, you'll feel warm all over!

Tiles R Us Natural Stone Tiles featuring the full range of premier stone from Ionic Stone plus Varme electric underfloor heating sets new standards in exceptional value for money - if you're planning to tile your floor why not take the opportunity to install underfloor heating, you'll never regret it. Right here we offer beautiful tiles and a selection of floor heating products to suit your budget, with our prices you can have real natural stone tiles warmed with quality underfloor heating - for a price many people pay just for tiles!

Creating beautifully warm tiled floors in your home - you'll be the envy of all!

Electric under-tile heating can be a very economical form of heating, the typical power consumption in an average bathroom where the cable is installed on a timber sub-floor or on an insulated tile-backer board would be about the same as a couple of light bulbs and would cost just a few pence per day to run.

The installation itself is a straightforward DIY job, but we always recommend that the electrical connections are carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with current wiring regulations.

Cable mats are the most popular choice for larger areas. The mats are available in two outputs, 150w m2 for internal rooms and 200w m2 for conservatories, to compensate for the higher heat losses.

Our 200watt under-floor heating mats are the perfect solution for heating a conservatory or any other good sized room with high heat loss.

Look at some of the key features offered by our electric under floor heating systems:

  • Easy installation - only needs a single connection to the digital thermostat
  • 24 hour/7 day digital timer & thermostat - featuring comfort, economy & vacation settings
  • only 3mm thick, does not create floor height problems when tiles are laid on top
  • available in two outputs (150w & 200w)
    • 150w system provides 25 different floor coverage sizes
    • 200w system provides 13 different floor coverage sizes

Every cable mat comes complete with the following so the price you see is the price you pay other than a standard delivery charge (£5 UK):

  • 3mm twin-core heating cable on fibreglass mesh roll
  • Floor primer and roller
  • Digital programmable thermostat with built-in timer
  • separate floor temperature sensor
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Full instructions.
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