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Varme Cable Mat for Underfloor Heating (150w per sqm) 2 Metre Starter Pack From

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Varme Cable Mat for Underfloor Heating (150w per sqm) 2 Metre Starter Pack From



Starting from £124 for the 2mtr length simply select the additional length required:
The standard 150 mat makes a warm floor underfoot an affordable luxury, making a tiled floor (especially beautiful tiles from our natural stone range) in any room a joy to walk on. Lovely warm feet make the room feel warmer, cozy and relaxing - first thing in the morning & last thing at night, what a joy!

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The Varme Mat system is similar to the Varme Cable, except that the cable comes already taped to a 50cm wide fibreglass mesh.

The main advantage with this design being that makes it much faster to lay out in larger 'open plan' areas when compared to the cable system.

Varme Mat 150 systems come in a standard 150w per sqm for all internal rooms.

See Varme Mat 200 for conservatories and other areas of high heat loss.

Installation is simple, the mat is simply rolled out onto the existing sub-floor or insulation boards and when the opposite wall is reached the mesh is cut and the mat rolled back in the opposite direction (see diagram.)

When the mat is in place, the release paper on the double sided tape is peeled back and the mat is then pressed to the primed floor to hold it in place for tiling.

Varme Mat systems come complete with:

  • Heating cable supplied woven to a self adhesive mesh.
  • Fully programmable FH-01 thermostat controller with floor probe.
  • Floor primer.
  • Roller for primer.
  • Simple installation instructions.
  • Manufacturers Lifetime  Warranty.

The Varme Mat 150 (150w/sqm) is recommended for all internal rooms, will give approx 130watts per sqm at 85% room coverage.

Product CodeOutput
Mat Length
Mat Width
Mat Coverage
150 w
2 m
50 cm
1.0 sqm
225 w
3 m
50 cm
1.5 sqm
300 w
4 m
50 cm
2.0 sqm
375 w
5 m
50 cm
2.5 sqm
450 w
6 m
50 cm
3.0 sqm
600 w
8 m
50 cm
4.0 sqm
750 w
10 m
50 cm
5.0 sqm
900 w
12 m
50 cm
6.0 sqm
1050 w
14 m
50 cm
7.0 sqm
1200 w
16 m
50 cm
8.0 sqm
1350 w
18 m
50 cm
9.0 sqm
1500 w
20 m
50 cm
10.0 sqm
1650 w
22 m
50 cm
11.0 sqm
1800 w
24 m
50 cm
12.0 sqm
1950 w
14 m + 12 m
50 cm
13.0 sqm
2100 w
14 m + 14 m
50 cm
14.0 sqm
2250 w
14 m + 16 m
50 cm
15.0 sqm
2400 w
16 m + 16 m
50 cm
16.0 sqm
2550 w
16 m + 18 m
50 cm
17.0 sqm
2700 w
18 m + 18 m
50 cm
18.0 sqm
2850 w
22 m + 16 m
50 cm
19.0 sqm
3000 w
24 m + 16 m
50 cm
20.0 sqm
3150 w
24 m + 18 m
50 cm
21.0 sqm
3300 w
22 m + 22 m
50 cm
22.0 sqm
3450 w
22 m + 24 m
50 cm
23.0 sqm

Easy Installation:

  • Make the electric provision as per instructions
  • Plan the start point and layout
  • Prime the sub-floor with the primer provided
  • Roll out the under tile mat, cutting the mesh to allow turning when the opposite wall is reached
  • Fit the floor probe
  • Test the cable
  • Tile over the using flexible adhesive and grout
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Additional Information

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